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Separate division ISKRA of VPT-Neftemash LCC- Russian manufacturer of welding equipment, more than 75 years, produces a wide range of products: welding units, welding generators, contact welding machines (spot welding machines, butt welding machines, seam welding machines), transformers welding, automatic welding machines, inverter power supply sources, construction metal structures, block-modular buildings, mobile housing units

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Ballast resistor RB-306

Designed for current control for manual arc welding and surfacing of metal consumable electrode welding of the multistation rectifiers and DC generator voltage not exceeding 70V.

Rheostat in series in the welding circuit and used to work indoors or outdoors under an awning that protects from rain and solar radiation , at an altitude above sea level up to 1000 m. The rheostat is designed to work in a temperate climate at the ambient temperature from -45°C to +40°C and a relative humidity of 80% at 20°C.

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