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Separate division ISKRA of VPT-Neftemash LCC- Russian manufacturer of welding equipment, more than 75 years, produces a wide range of products: welding units, welding generators, contact welding machines (spot welding machines, butt welding machines, seam welding machines), transformers welding, automatic welding machines, inverter power supply sources, construction metal structures, block-modular buildings, mobile housing units

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Diesel power ED50-T400-R U2

Stand-alone diesel power 50 kW. Diesel power plants are economical , highly reliable. They can be used as an alternative or back-up power sources. When designing equipment experts paid special attention to the combination of low fuel consumption and maximum output characteristics.

Diesel power stations used as a power source for the main and backup emergency power supply of various objects. Power plants are designed to work outdoors in the field.

Available: custom

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Diesel power

Weight, kg 900
Cooling liquid
Generator model HFQF-50
Engine model R4105ZD
Rotation frequency, revolutions/min 1500
Power, kW 50
Voltage, volt 400
Frequency, hertz 50
Hourly fuel consumption, liters/hour 10
Fuel tank capacity, liters 80
Dimensions length/width/height, mm 1800/934/1500

Ratings power belong to her work at a height of 1000 m above sea level, the ambient temperature from - 40°C to + 40°C and relative humidity (monthly average) to 60% at +25°C.

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