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Separate division ISKRA of VPT-Neftemash LCC- Russian manufacturer of welding equipment, more than 75 years, produces a wide range of products: welding units, welding generators, contact welding machines (spot welding machines, butt welding machines, seam welding machines), transformers welding, automatic welding machines, inverter power supply sources, construction metal structures, block-modular buildings, mobile housing units

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Mobile Housing Units


Manufacturing of mobile housing units is one of areas of the company’s activities.

They can be used stationary or mounted on a chassis or sled.


MOBILE HOUSING UNITS are designed to provide comfortable working and living conditions for people, far away from settlements, in places of well workover, drilling operations, etc., when frequently moving from one facility to another. Mobile housing units are equipped with furniture and necessary equipment depending on their purpose (including lighting, heating, sewerage, ventilation systems). They are available as stationary, sled and chassis-mounted. Mobile housing unit is the best solution for frequent movements and rapid deployment of a team of workers.

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