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Separate division ISKRA of VPT-Neftemash LCC- Russian manufacturer of welding equipment, more than 75 years, produces a wide range of products: welding units, welding generators, contact welding machines (spot welding machines, butt welding machines, seam welding machines), transformers welding, automatic welding machines, inverter power supply sources, construction metal structures, block-modular buildings, mobile housing units

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Welding Transformers

Welding Transformers

Welding transformers are used to supply one welding station with 50 Hz AC current during manual arc welding, cutting and overlaying. They are designed to work in areas with a moderate climate, outdoors under a canopy, with an ambient temperature of 40 С to +40 C. The current control ranges are smooth and stepped. A switch is used to change control ranges. Insulation class H according to GOST 8865 70. Natural air cooling. The transformer is equipped with four wheels and a handle for ease of movement. Brackets may be used for lifting by hoisting devices. This increases the ease of use. Welding transformers ensure good ignition and stable combustion of arc.

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