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Separate division ISKRA of VPT-Neftemash LCC- Russian manufacturer of welding equipment, more than 75 years, produces a wide range of products: welding units, welding generators, contact welding machines (spot welding machines, butt welding machines, seam welding machines), transformers welding, automatic welding machines, inverter power supply sources, construction metal structures, block-modular buildings, mobile housing units

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About Iskra Factory

September 1941 is considered to be the date of birth of the first in the Urals welding equipment factory.

In 1954 the company was named Novoutkinsk plant of electric machines and "ISKRA" devices.

Exchange specialists, forming a clear timetable for the development of the project with the American "Miller Electric" Corporation allowed for three months to start -up an assembly line for the production of cutting-edge welding applications.

At the same time held a total modernization of the production: to replace the antediluvian pressing equipment came nibbling and sheet bending center TRUMPF, a little old -purpose machines replaced the automatic lathe OKUMA.

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